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Easter Revision for Year 6 SATs!!

Please see uor class page under curriculum - scroll down for lots of information and resources. I will be adding the SATs timetable over Easter. 

All year 6s have brought home a 10 day revision booklet which is Easter themed and fun!! They MUST do this as it is essential they do not forget what they've learned or all their hard work will be for nothing. I want them to be able to come back after Easter and carry on making progress rather than having to relearn what they've done already!! 

There's also a top tips section which encourages them to drink plenty, take breaks and get plenty of exercise to release those endorphins - happy chemicals!

Happy Easter to you all.

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Spring Term


Welcome back Oak Class to a brand new term and a brand new year!

I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and New Year. Thank you so much for the lovely gifts and cards which you kindly gave us - hopefully you all received your thank you cards. 

I'm very proud of the enthusiasm which Oak Class have shown in their approach to all our topics this term - I don't know many children who thank their teachers for teaching them!! So here's my chance to thank my lovely Oaks for being so keen to learn, "Thank you all!"

Below you will find a taste of the term to come. 


We've started the term with all cylinders blazing! So far, we've enjoyed reading and writing free verse poetry utilising our poetic techniques such as personification, simile and metaphor, to name just a few. Currently we're studying J K Rowling's Harry Potter series, learning how to create flashbacks effectively in stories and how to develop characters with depth and interesting settings. We're learning how to plan efficiently and how to develop creative and well-structured plots. We will be entering a story writing competition this term, so watch this space! 

For maths, we're continuing with our year plan which you will find on our class page under curriculum. Some of the highlights are: negative numbers (counting across zero in a range of steps & problem solving); developing and polishing our formal written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; using  a wide range of mental strategies to help calculate quickly; number puzzles; calculating with decimals; Roman numbers and calculations and much more! We will be covering fractions in some depth, statistics, measurement and geometry.  

For topic, our term started with the Ancient Greeks, covering gods, goddesses and their belief system, democracy and aspects of everyday life. We've also compared this with our own system of democracy. Our current topic is from design and technology and explores how to design and make an electrically powered vehicle incorporating a pulley. Who can design the fastest vehicle? Will it stand up to the rigours of the race track? 

DT materials: Thank you so much to all who've sent in recycling so far. We particularly need bottle lids, small boxes and tubes. Can you also please search out any toys or household items with pulleys and/or gears? Many thanks. 

Our science continues with materials which we love because there are lots of opportunities for conducting our own investigations. So far, we've investigated changes of state, dissolving, evaporating, and separating various mixtures and suspensions. We will shortly be moving on to Forces and Sir Isaac Newton. 

RE is proving very interesting as we compare two different accounts of the birth of Jesus from the gospels of Luke and Matthew. We've thoroughly enjoyed creating a piece of art work showing the contrast in the two accounts. For PSHE we've discussed our values and how they relate to our everyday lives, especially in and around school. We've explored friendship and have had many interesting discussions based around helping and supporting each other. 

Of course all our other subject areas continue full steam ahead, such as spelling, grammar, guided reading, minute maths, maths targets, handwriting and much more. For full details of our topics this term, see our year plan on our class curriculum page. 


This continues as for last term with Maths and English handed out every Wednesday, due in by the following Monday. Merits for those handing it in the next day! There have been many merits handed out for this so far this year - well done! If homework is not handed in on the Monday, one chance will be given to complete it at home that night, if it is not done by Tuesday, it will be completed during break and lunch time until it is finished. I encourage the children to start it the same day, then if there are issues, to raise them with me the next day, rather than the day it is due. 

Times Tables - if your child already knows all their times tables, these should be practised several times every week to keep them sharp and fast. They can go on DBPrimary and practise mixed challenges.

If your child does not yet know all the times tables, this should be done daily until they are confident and fast with all of them mixed together. Cards and other practical methods should be used. Wall charts are a great idea, provided they are used. DbPrimary has some great games, but do use a variety of methods, looking for patterns and memorising the numbers. This will support what we are doing in school, since we cannot work individually with children every day. Much of maths at this age and beyond is using times tables so they must be confident and quick or they will find maths difficult. If you need advice, please come and see me. 

Spellings - these should be worked on several times every week, using the methods they have learned at school (all in the yellow spelling folder). Personal spelling logs should also be practised (at the bottom of the page) and these should be updated regularly by your child. If your child is still working on year 3 and 4 spellings, these should be done more often to move them on. 

Reading - it is important that your child continues to read challenging books regularly and that he/she has the opportunity to discuss these with you in depth. This develops vocabulary and a whole range of oral skills, which they need for writing and for life in general. This will stand them in good stead in every subject from here on. 

PE Kits

Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit in school every day. Girls please ensure you have socks in your kit as tights are not acceptable or safe to wear in PE. Please remove earrings on PE days. All children should have a change of socks for PE as children of this age sweat and their socks can end up wet.  There have been many lessons missed by children without kits in school. PE is an essential part of the curriculum and is extremely important for your child's health and well-being. Exercise releases endorphins which literally cheer you up. Our regular PE day is Tuesday. We are attending Wodson Park in the afternoon of Thursday 2nd February so children need to come to school in their kits and joggers. We will be arriving back around 6pm. 

Year 6 SATs

Unfortunately, I had to cancel our SATs evening due to heavy snow! There is another session planned on Monday 30th January at 3:30pm. I have made it earlier as this will make it easier for the children to attend. I would like as many parents to attend as possible since I will be covering how you can help support your child at home, leading up to SATs week as well as during that particular week. I will be answering questions about all sorts of situations. If you cannot attend, please make sure you watch the Powerpoint which I sent out via School Ping and follow the advice about how to support your child. Many thanks. 

I'm looking forward to a happy and productive spring term. 

Mrs Shortland




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Science Week in Rowan Tree Class

Rowan's had such a jam packed Science Week and they were all so enthusiastic and engaged. It was lovely to see them all loving different parts of their science learning. I must say that I also learned a lot from Science Week, especially from all the children's speeches on Monday. They were so confident and knowledgable. It was wonderful.

There are some photographs in the gallery, in Rowan class' album, that show some of the activities of our week. 


I'm already looking forward to the next Science Week, as I know many of the children are too. 

Miss Mileham 

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Science Week timetable

Please read the final arrangements for Science week letter that was sent home last Friday.

Timetable below

Monday 31st October

Dress up day 

Children to come to school dressed up as their favourite Scientist or Invention. Be prepared to give a 2 minute presentation in class about who you are, who invented you and why?

Prizes will be awarded to the best dressed, best speech and most original.

Visit from Herts Air Ambulance + possiblility of the helicopter arriving!

Children may bring in some money to buy some merchandise (gifts from £1 to £3 available)

Alex and Chris the Vets are coming in for some fun antonomy for the younger classes and some real life clinical cases for the older children, aswell as a career talk.

Tuesday 1st November

Sirus Astronomy

The whole school will be attending fun workshops to learn all about our solar system and what it is like to be an astronaut.

The secret life of DNA

A fun interactive assembly for whole school.

All about eyes

Mrs Randawa will be joining the younger classes to tell them how they can look after their eyes and why it is so important.

Lego Robotics

Years 3, 5 and 6 children will attend workshops to build and make and program lego models using LegoWeDo software.

Wednesday 2nd November

Birds of Prey

An exciting presentation all about birds of prey with a workshop in the afternoon for the older children.

Lego Robotics

Years 2 and 4 children will attend workshops to build and make and program lego models using LegoWeDo software.

Thursday 3rd November

The Animal Man

Ranger Stu will be coming along with a menagerie of animals for a fun interactive show for all children.

Alcohol and Drugs awareness

A workshop for Year 5 and 6 children.

Richard Hale

An afternoon of workshops with Secondary school teachers all about Chromatography & colours for Reception children to Year 3.

Friday 4th November

Reminder: Children in Year 2 and 3 to bring a scooter to school

Do Science Show

Ian Dunne the crazy scientist will be joining us for a day of fun chemistry – lots of whizzes and bangs and laughs guaranteed!

Scooter Training

Year 2 and 3 will be getting their scooter licences as they learn how to ride safely and confidently.

Mr Rigby

Children in Years 1 and 2 will be having ‘bubbles’ of fun with Mr Rigby.

Mrs Bishop

Children in Year 5 and 6 will be dissecting Pigs Hearts with Mrs Bishop and learning all about them at the same time as getting messy!



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