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Maths Revision and Reading Strategies

I have listed some helpful hints for revision below, particularly some strategies for reading that you can be using at home to help your child significantly.

Please continue to use the CGP books if you have them. If not, you can find many activities online to help support your child.

Maths Revision

We have recently covered the following which would be good to revise:

- Pictograms/Bar Graphs - being able to read them, gather information from them and compare the data etc.

E.g. how many more people like red than green? Which is most popular?


- Positional language - clockwise, anti-clockwise, quarter turn, half turn, three quarter turn.

E.g. If the shape starts like this ¬ and makes a quarter turn clockwise, what does it look like now?


- Time - o'clock, quarter past, half past, quarter to and 5 minute increments, comparing sequences of time, ordering time, knowing how many minutes in an hour, hours in a day, seconds in a minute etc.


- ALWAYS practising number bonds as this helps in every area of addition - we even use them in year 6! 


Reading Revision

It's not about how fluently and quickly you can read, but your understanding of the text. Children are assessed on inference and understanding of events.

These are reading strategies we have been using in class. It would be great if you could refer to these at home with your reading too:


1. MAGIC FINGER: Break up the words into smaller words and sounds. If you still can't read the word, what MIGHT it say? What does it sound like?

2. FIND THE KEY WORDS: Look to find the important words in the question and see if the same important words are in the text. Is the answer nearby?

3. SEQUENCING/ORDERING: If you are being asked to number some sentences into the order of which they happened in the text, underline each part in the text. Then you can see what order they happened.

4. READ YOUR QUESTION AND ANSWER TOGETHER: Read your question and answer in your head. Does it make sense? E.g. What colour is the dog? The dog is soft and fluffy......NO!

5. KEEP LOOKING! The answer is ALWAYS there! 




Helping your child with Telling the Time

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