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World Book Day ...and Dr Seuss's Birthday!

Well what an amazing day it has been! Right from the start, in our special World Book Day Assembly, the excitement began to bubble as we found out a bit about Dr Seuss. This wonderful enthusiasm carried us through our Paired Reading this morning. Our partner classes were: Willow and Rowan, Birch and Chestnut, and Cherry and Oak. It was an absolute pleasure to see you all thoroughly enjoying reading with your partner and really helping each other out. In fact, it was so successful, we will probably be doing this more regularly! 

In the afternoon, we all took part in DEAR ...drop everything and read. In Oak Class, it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop! This was swiftly followed by our Dr Seuss book focus, where each class read a different book and created some imaginative writing. We all then made eye-popping, jaw-dropping, colourful displays which were all real team efforts. Every child's work is on display in our hall - it's our very own writing gallery! 

Early this evening, lots of children returned to school wearing...ONESIES! We even had our own Cat in the Hat. We shared our special book in different classrooms and returned to the hall for our biscuits and hot chocolate. Finally, we watched a video of Dr Seuss's Sleep Book to send us all off to sleep. 

I have absolutely loved hearing so many of you read today and it was a joy to see you all work so well in paired reading. I was also so lucky to have the chance to visit your classrooms and hear many of you read your writing to me. What creative and enthusiastic writers you all are. Well done everyone for making today so magical... and I think Dr Seuss would have been amazed! 

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Science Week Day 5: Science Show and Heart Dissection!

Today we went in to the hall and a visiting scientist came in. He was really funny. He blew up balloons and made them stick to the wall, he controlled a dahlek which kicked the Earth off the table and told lots of funny stories about science!

After that, we dissected a pig's heart and to start with, I wasn't keen about doing it, but I really learned a lot about the different organs in the body. We finished the day with an assembly, where the best scientists of the week won prizes. However, all the teachers said we had all been brilliant scientists!

Reported by Thiyara D Y5

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Science Week Day 4: A-Life and Ranger Stu!

Today in science week we took part in lots of activities. In the morning, a man came in to talk to us about alcohol and drugs awareness. It was really fun wearing the googles that made you feel like you were drunk. When we had them on, we had to walk along a straight line and pick up keys, drop them and catch the ball. We also learned how bad smoking is. After play, we gathered in the hall with Rowan class and Chestnut class. The animal man came with lots of different animals. Some of them were owls, a giant snail, a tarantula and a Meer cat. Last of all was the snake and I touched it! In the afternoon, a teacher from Richard Hale School came in to do an activity with a Bunsen burner and different salts. We had a brilliant day!


Reported by Amelia year 5

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Science Week Day 3: Lots of Outdoor Science Fun!


Today in science week has been really fun as we have made sun dials and used compasses to tell the time on the sun dials some of them worked but lots of them told the wrong time

We also went around the school power saving by turning off lights and switching off switches and writing where people have left on lights and switches. We recorded this on the Pod online.

In the after noon we looked up the distances between the sun and planets and also the size of the planets. Some people went outside to plot the solar system in the school field. While some other people drew it on paper(the planets are really big)after the painted the planets.

Today was so fun and hope the week is just as fun!

From Oak Tree Class

Reported by Jemima Cox yr5

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Science Week - Day 2: We Found out about DNA & We Made Lego Robotics

Today we found out all about the secret life of DNA and what it actually stands for. In the hall for the great assembly, we had a biological scientist to help us find the tiny white strings of the DNA inside a strawberry. It was really interesting how you do it. For instance, most children said, put something e.g needle, pin... through the strawberry and take the DNA out,  but the scientist told us to do it a very different way. She told us to squish the small plastic container bags which had the strawberry inside it, then the teachers had to choose two children from each year to pour the strawberry, which had been turned into strawberry juice, into a skinny bottle to keep it in, although before we put the lid on, the biological scientist poured a tiny weeny bit of cold alcohol into the bottle and then gave them to the teachers to keep.

On our second interesting part of the day, we had an engineer called Mr. H and he taught us how to make little Lego robotic figurines go round and round on a little Lego piece which has wire with a USB on the end, to connect it to the laptop he gave us. Then the children built an alligator by the laptops which also controlled its movement!

Wow don't you think our class had an amazing day?

I wonder what surprises are coming up tomorrow for the class; can you guess?

Reported by Jasmine Levy (Oak Class)

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