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Can you believe it?!

I hope you all had a wonderful and restful Easter Holidays. I am currently in disbelief that we are in our final term as Cherry Tree Class! Year 3 is just around the corner....ahh! Here is a little update on what to expect this term....



This week we are focussing on telling the time. The aim is to be able to tell the time to the hour, quarter past, half past, quarter to and to 5 minute increments. We will then compare and order sequences of time. After this we will be on a revision timetable in the run up to SAT's (double ahh!).


This week we are starting on our Myths and Legends unit where we will be focussing on The Little Red Riding Hood! If you read the previous blog post you will have seen how we have managed to use the money raised from the World Book Day event to buy some lovely role play equipment to help us in this unit - thank you :)


My favourite unit - Plants! We will be learning about the ideal environment to grow plants, how they pollinate, germinate and seed dispersal. If you have any pots, seeds or soil you would like to donate to us to use for this project we will would really grateful!


We will be focussing on Athletics this term in the run up to Sports Day so we can all be as fast as Miss. Tebbutt!.....(awkward silence..). We will eventually move onto Dance.


We are looking at 'Our Wonderful World' - looking at identifying and locating the 7 continents and 5 oceans. If any of you have done a significant amount of travelling and have some resources you would like to share with us, or you would like to come in and talk about your travels showing your journey on a map/globe, we would be really grateful!


We will be focussing on the Explorers Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus. We would love to have an 'in-class museum' to show off to you at some point during the school day, so keep an ear out for a time and date!


We are still looking at Christianity and Judaism.



If you read my Spring blog post you will have notived that I mentioned a possible trip about food. This did not happen but as soon as the SAT's are out of the way we will be looking to book a fun trip for the Summer term.



As mentioned, we are very close to becoming Year 3's. This means a harder curriculum and higher expectations of independent learning. To make the transition easier, I will be setting the children weekly homework (as currently in place) but I will be monitoring those who do and do not hand in their homework. As is carried out the same in year 3, those who do not bring in their homework on the due date will be staying in at lunch times to take time to complete it. The children will have a names homework folder sent home soon.



Please see separate blog post on my advice for revision for reading and maths.



You should have been told last year if you child did or did not pass their Phonics Screening check, but please let me know if you are not sure whether your child is retaking or not.


Miss Tebbutt x

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