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Summer Term in Chestnut Class

Summer Term 2017 in Chestnut Class

Welcome back to the Summer Term. It is hard to believe that we are in the last term already. When I think back to our first week in this class, we have all come such a long way. The children are maturing fast and it is lovely to see them now taking responsibility for their own learning and being proud of what they have achieved. They are doing so well, we have had lots of fun and I am very proud of all of them.

We have an awful lot to squeeze in this term but it is going to be a great one with outdoor swimming around the corner, lots of lovely outdoor science activities, a whole term of athletics, rehearsing for the school play and our class trips.

Our English units for this half term have a theme of ‘freedom’ running through them. The children may have already been talking to you about our first book we have been reading called, ‘Henry’s Freedom Box.’ It is a heart-wrenching true story about a young slave, Henry ‘Box’ Brown and his escape to freedom. The children know this story really well already and will use this to write a chronological report pretending that they are Henry. This will also lead us on to learning and writing about some famous Black people in history. After this unit we will be immersing ourselves in lots of wonderful stories of Africa and continue to learn how to improve our story writing with good elements of grammar to extend sentences.

Mrs Barrie will continue teaching French on a Monday. The theme of learning for this term is learning the names for classroom objects, as well as following simple commands in French. Mrs Barrie will also continue teaching our RE unit on how Jews show commitment to God. I am sure your children told you about the special afternoon we had with Reverend Susannah learning about the Passover festival. I will put up some of the photographs from the meal on our website gallery.  

Our Maths learning this term will start with a Geometry unit learning about the properties of shapes and triangles. We will then move on to statistics and using and applying what we have learned throughout the year to solve problems. The children will also be practising their Maths targets regularly and times tables as much as we can. Please continue to help your child learn their tables and targets at home. A curriculum requirement is that children should be fluent in all times tables by the end of Year 4. This can only be achieved with help from home as times tables need to be practised regularly in order to be embedded.  

Science still has a predominant place in learning in our classroom. This term we are moving outdoors. We have already started growing tomatoes for our flower bed, we have been learning how to identify trees by their leaves and we have spent quite a lot of time practising how to read and make classification charts. This week I will be assessing how much they have learnt by asking the children to classify sweets in a branching database!!

Our two weeks of History topic learning about the impact WW2 had on children has proved to be popular with all. The children have been so immersed in the topic and have produced some excellent work. I only wish our curriculum allowed us to continue this a while longer as we have merely touched the surface but it has given the children some good basic knowledge to take forward into secondary school. I think they all enjoyed hiding in the hall cupboard during a pretend air raid! Whilst we have been learning about WW2, Mrs Johnson and I have been looking through all the old school records to see if we could find any evidence of WW2 bombings at our school. There is quite a bit missing during this period but we have been able to find out that our school and Tewin took on a lot of evacuees at the time. We have photocopied some of these pages for you to read and will pop them in your child’s book back as they make fascinating reading!

This week is assessment week and so we will not be following our normal weekly timetable. Please make sure your child goes to bed at a good hour. Children will be doing tests for either Year 5 or 4 and following the same format as the Y6 SATS timetable but there is nothing for them to worry about! These assessments will give me a good indication of where they are in their learning and any gaps that still need to be filled.

As always, please pop in and see me if you have any concerns about your child’s learning.

Mrs Cowler

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