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Summer Term in Rowan Class

Wow I can’t believe it is already the Summer term. How time flies. This will be a jam packed term for Rowan class where we will be fitting in lots of learning opportunities as well as heading off to Cuffley Camp for 3 days in June.

Cuffley Camp

We will be visiting Cuffley Camp from Wednesday 14th June to Friday 16th June 2017 and this is an excellent chance for the children to get stuck in to nature, to push their limits and strengthen their independence. I know that I am really excited for this trip and I am sure that the children are too. I will be holding two meetings for parents – one at 3.15pm on Friday 19th May and the other at 7pm on Monday 22nd May. This is where you will be given any information and documents you will need.

In English this term, Rowan class will be learning about different structures in Poetry such as Haikus, Tankas and Kennings. We will also be learning about the features of persuasive writing and using our new knowledge to write our own persuasive letters. Towards the end of our term, we will be writing our own adventure stories. We will continue to have stand-alone Spelling lessons three times a week and handwriting lessons twice a week.

In Maths we will be continuing our learning on fractions. We will be learning how to compare fractions, how to find equivalent fractions and how to add and subtract fractions. We will be revising the different methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division before moving on to Measurement, Geometry and Statistics revision.

Our RE topic this term is all about Hinduism. We will be learning to understand the Hindu belief that there is one God with many different aspects. We will also be learning to understand the significance of the River Ganges for a Hindu and non-Hindu.

Our Science Units for this term are ‘Light and Shadows’, ‘Forces’ and ‘Plants and Pollination’.  

Our topic begins with History where we will be learning about children’s experiences in WWII. We will also be learning about Volcanoes in Geography this term.

Children will be bringing home 9 spellings to learn from either the Year 2 spelling list or the Year 3&4 spelling list. These are practised in class as well as at home. Children will test each other in order to embed the word. On average, every other week children will be given the opportunity to be tested on their spellings by Mrs Corlass – if they are not ready they can choose to keep their spellings for a while longer. At times I will complete a whole class spelling test of both sets of words to retest spellings from previous months. This is to ensure children really know those spellings – this may mean some words are repeated over the year. Sometimes your child may bring home a list of random words which are not from the Year 2 or Year 3&4 list – these are from the children’s literacy work and have been spelt incorrectly during a lesson.

We will be continuing with our Maths Passports this term, your child should know their current target in order to practise this at home as well as at school. We will be checking children’s progress against these targets once a week on a Thursday or Friday afternoon. It is quick mental fluency which aids your child in their daily maths lesson.

From now on your child will read with an adult from Rowan Class every other week, please can I ask that you are reading with your child at home and writing in their reading record. This only needs to be for 5 minutes to pick up on any issues. It’s also a chance for you to see the progress they are making in their reading. I will continue to teach daily guided reading sessions which allow me to hear children reading a slightly higher levelled book as well as check their comprehension.


Homework will follow the same pattern as Autumn and Spring term. Every Monday your child will bring home a piece of Maths or English homework in their yellow folder. This will need to be completed and returned by the Friday of the same week.

Every other Monday your child will bring home their Learning Log which will have a project inside. This will need to be brought back in the following Friday (10days after being brought home.)

I am sure we are going to have a fun-filled and energetic Summer term (it is Rowan Class after all) I am super impressed with how engaged and enthusiastic the children are with their learning. This term will be a good chance to prepare them for their next challenges in year 4. Thank you all again for your ongoing support.

If there is ever anything you need or if you wish to have a discussion with me please make an appointment at the office to come and see me before or after school.

Miss Mileham  

Summer Term in Chestnut Class

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