At Tewin Cowper Primary School we take the issue of Internet Safety very seriously. We can only be successful in keeping children safe online if we work with parents to ensure the eSafety message is consistent.

On this page you will find information that will support you as parents/carers.


You keep your child/ren safe in the real world. Here are some things you may want to do to help your child/ren ‘Stay Safe’ in the online world:

  • Set ground rules and with younger children agree which websites they can visit. Remember these will vary depending upon the ages of your child/ren.
  • Agree time limits and regular breaks. Remember letting children play video games just before bedtime may stop them sleeping and have an impact on their learning.
  • Find out how to set the parental controls and safe search. Consider buying parental monitoring/ control software for younger children. Remember none of these are 100% effective and supervision is always needed.
  • Check the home page of your child/ren’s favourite social network, game and so on. This will give you an overview of the website and its suitability.
  • Spend 30 minutes watching your child/ren play an online game so that you can see the content and be happy that it is suitable for them.
  • Check the age ratings of games at PEGI. Remember video games ratings are all about the content and not the difficulty of the game.
  • Say NOto your child playing any game that has a rating of 18 years and above or using websites that you think are unsuitable.
  • Talk you child/ren about their privacy settings and ask them to show you how to change these settings. Encourage your child/ren to only have online friends that know in the real world.
  • Tell your child/ren what to do if they ever feel frightened or scared when online or using their mobile phone. It is important that your child/ren know they can always talk to you and you will help them (you may not know the answer but by talking to the school, other parents, ThinkUknow FAQs, mobile phone provider and so on you will be able to find a solution)
  • Visit ThinkUknow and look at the parents’ section. Show your child the ‘Report Abuse’ button and together click to see the advice and links.
  • Visit Childnet and have a look at the parents’ section. Towards the bottom of the page, ‘Parents Online’ is an interactive animation specifically developed for parents.

Please have a look on the Hertfordshire County Council’seSafety site for the ‘Mind the Gap’ and Useful Websites information.

Following on from our Parent E-safety evening in the Autumn Term we have listed some useful websites that offer advice and guidance on safe-guarding children against the risks of the internet and other technologies at home.

Download this file (E-safety evening for Parents.ppt)E-safety evening for Parents.ppt[ ]4200 kB
Download this file (home_and_family_guidelines.pdf)home_and_family_guidelines.pdf[ ]64 kB
Access this URL ([How to set up time limits on Windows 7]542 kB
Download this file (mind_the_gap.pdf)mind_the_gap.pdf[ ]38 kB
Download this file (online-gaming.pdf)online-gaming.pdf[ ]517 kB
Access this URL ([How to set up google safe search]680 kB
Access this URL ([How to set up parental controls on the xbox]528 kB
Access this URL ([How to set up you tube safety mode]285 kB

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