The 2014 national curriculum introduces a new subject, computing, which replaces ICT. This represents continuity and change, challenge and opportunity. It gives schools the chance to review and enhance current approaches in order to provide an even more exciting and rigorous curriculum that addresses the challenges and opportunities offered by the technologically rich world in which we live.

Below you will find a plan of how we intend to teach computing this year across the whole school.

Whole School Long Term Plan 2016-2017

Autumn A Autumn B Spring A Spring B Summer A Summer B

Willow Class

Early Years

eSafety awareness

Listen to stories online, CD, tablets.

Listen and identify voice recordings of friends and familiar adults – talking postcards.

Record instructions for their friends.

Record and play back singing, stories.

Use toy phones or walkie talkies to communicate.

Make a book of sounds-2Create a story or MyStory app

Switching torches on and off in the dark areas. Wind up torches and making them work

Build confidence with the use of keyboard and mouse.

Move finger on IWB screen or tablet device to achieve different outcomes.

Used puppet pals to move Mr Bear around the screen.

Use cameras to photograph themselves and talk about similarities of differences.

Use tablets  and 2PaintAPicture to draw self.

Used PhotoBooth app to take photographs or capture Rangoli patterns

Use Google Earth and Google Street View before going on a walk around Tewin

Used Google Sky to look at the stars

Use computer to follow hyperlinks to websites.

Use software such as 2Simple or Musical Leaps and Bounds to have a go and take risks.

Learn to share and wait turns with software and devices eg sandtimer or digital timer or take turns using the computer.

Birch Class

Year 1

eSafety awareness

Programmable Toys - Software: Bee-Bots

Apps: Bee-Bot; Daisy the Dinosaur

Word processing skills

Software: Microsoft Word

Computer skills

Software: web browser

Programming with Scratch Junior

Software: ScratchJr

Cherry Class

Year 2

eSafety awareness

Computer Art

Software: Paint

Programming Turtle

Logo & scratch

Software: Turtle Logo, Scratch

Presentation Skills

Software: PowerPoint

Rowan Class

Year 3

eSafety awareness

Internet Research & Communication

Apps: web browser

Word Processing

Software: Word

Programming Turtle Logo & Scratch

Chestnut Class

Year 4 / 5

eSafety awareness Photo Stories

Software: MS Publisher, Movie Maker


Software: Pivot Animator, Flux Time Studio and Jellycam.


Software: Excel

Programming Turtle Logo

Software: Turtle Logo

Oak Class

Year 5 / 6

eSafety awareness Controlling devices-Flowol

Software: Flowol 4

Radio Station

Software: Audacity

3D Modelling

Software: SketchUp

Kodu Programming

Software: Kodu Game Lab


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